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EVA MENDEL MILLER. After the Storm, 1992. Mendel Art Gallery

EVA MENDEL MILLER, Eva Mendel escaped from Nazi Germany with her father and his family in 1939. She studied art in Vienna during the '30s and upon migrating to North America she continued her studies in New York and Montreal. She also persuaded he father to collect art and, upon settling in Saskatoon in the early '40s, her own art pursuits and her father's collection became an important focus in the Saskatoon art community, introducing substantial works of art along with a knowledge of recent developments in the art world. Although she and her husband traveled widely in the '50s and settled near Calgary in the '70s, she has continued an involvement with art in Saskatoon as well as Calgary. She brought to Canada an active knowledge in Central European expressionism that has coloured her work. Her recent watercolours owe more to Nolde than to Cotman and Bonington.