About the Artist: Jack Rigaux

Pink Figure
"Pink Figure"
Oil on Linen
36" x 24"
Born in Pincher Creek, Alberta,Canada, in 1951, Jack Rigaux studied at the Banff School of Fine Arts in 1967, then received a diploma in Painting and Drawing from the Alberta College of Art in 1974. Since then he has been working as a practising Artist and teacher in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
  • Hugh Jordan Award for Painting
  • Landscaping Painting Award, Alberta College of Art
  • Alberta Culture Award for Painting, five consecutive years
  • Three Man Exhibition; Masters Gallery, Calgary
  • Selected Works; Manuge Gallery, Halifax
  • Two One-Man Shows; Hett Gallery, Edmonton
  • Oil Landscapes; Peter Whyte Gallery, Banff
  • Group Show with Illingworth Kerr, Stan Perrott, Ken Christopher, Rick Grandmaison and Stan Phelps; Cambrian Rose, Ottawa
  • One Man Show of Watercolors; Cambrian Rose, Ottawa
  • Canadian Watercolor Association's Annual Exhibition; Toronto
  • Landscape Show; Triangle Gallery, Calgary
  • Technology Assistant and Illustrator for art book "Arctic of the Imagination"
  • Canadian Medical Journal Magazine Cover, 1994
  • Designer Showcase, Magazine Cover Designer and Assistant to Graphics Designer
Abandoned Homestead

"Abandoned Homestead"
Oil on Linen
22" x 28"


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