Liquid Rubber Gun

PRICE: $ 2000.00 + $ 750.00 per clip
SHOTS: 10 per clip SPACE: 4
WEIGHT: 400 pounds (empty) 600 pounds (loaded)
RANGE: 20 feet

Liquid rubber is an amazing new substance that is as resilient and springy as rubber, but is stored at room temperature in a liquid form! When it makes contact with the open air, it hardens into a rubber-like substance in 2 seconds (1 round). The potential uses for this handy product are endless! It can halve ramming damage (unfortunately, to both parties) when a shot is applied to the vehicle's front end. It can be used to immobilize pedestrians. Three applications are sufficient to create a vehicular barrier the size of a portable concrete median block. When fired at an immobile car, it can be used to cement the tires to the wheel well. It gums up windshields rather effectively. Is there no end to the uses for this remarkable product? Comes in 57 designer shades. Order yours now from Uncle Al, the Duellist's Pal!

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