'Grim Reaper' Adhesive Grenade Cannon

PRICE: $ 6000.00 (unloaded) $7050.00 (loaded) $1000 (clip)
WEIGHT: 450 pounds (unloaded) 550 pounds (loaded)
DAMAGE: 2d (burst)
CLIP: 10 loads

The Grim Reaper is a variation on the grenade launcher that can fire up to three adhesive 'Reaper' grenades per round. Reapers are designed to be highly adhesive to plastic armour and will nearly always hold fast (with about 40 pounds of adhesive pressure) when it makes a solid contact with such a substance. They are typically timed to detonate at the end of the round, or two rounds, but Reapers can be fitted with a remote detonator (switched on 'seek' when fired) that will allow several to be detonated at once for potentially devastating effects. Reapers do not stick to metal or flesh. If multiple Reapers are fired in a round, treat the chance to hit successfully as if it were a multi-fire rocket pod.

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