The Electrifier

PRICE: $ 6000.00 (unloaded) $6025.00 (loaded) $75.00 (clip)
WEIGHT: 200 pounds
CLIP: Ten 3-wire loads
DAMAGE: 1d to pedestrians, 0d to vehicles
CHARGE: 50 PU per shot
RANGE: 50 feet

An electrifier is often derided as an inefficient weapon, since it relies on a taser-like electrical charge that (more often than not) fails to disable other vehicles. In certain circumstances, however, the electrifier can be the duellist's best friend.

As with a taser, the electrifier shoots two wires with adhesive cups on the end. When both wires have struck the target, the target receieves an electrical shock of some considerable strength- enough to kill many pedestrians. Since vehicles are well-insulated by their tyres, the potential for havoc against a car is minimal. However, once the first two wires have struck a vehicle, another firing action may be taken to shoot a third wire at the target. If it hits, the wire end is automatically jettisoned from the firing vehicle- with a little metal weight on the end. The target is grounded. This will likely disrupt the vehicle's computers, and will deliver 1d-2 damage directly to the power plant. Only surge protectors will save the computers from being scrambled.

The problem with this system is that it takes too long, claim the electrifier's detractors. If the vehicles end up more than 50 feet apart before the third wire hits the ground, then the connection is broken and there is no harm done. There is no effective answer to this criticism, save that anyone who does not choose the circumstances under which she uses the weapon carefully deserves what she gets.

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