The Grappling Claw

PRICE: $ 8000.00
WEIGHT: 800 pounds
RANGE: Point-blank only

The grappling claw is an alternative to the ramplate for large vehicles such as busses and tractor-trailers. It may only be mounted on the front or rear facing of a vehicle. It is composed of vehicular-armour strength metals and plastics, and can be made laser-reflective and/or fireproof as per the normal cost of such modifications. An all-metal claw can be made, but its weight is 2300 pounds.

The heavy-duty claw suffers damage from ramming normally. It cannot be combined with a ramplate. Once the two vehicles are close together, the gunner can use a firing action to activate the grappling claw, which is an enormous heavy-duty pincer set at bumper level. This claw inflicts 1d-2 damage on a successful hit, but more importantly, it immobilizes the target vehicle (so long as it is of at least subcompact size). The gunner may leave the claw engaged, and open fire with whatever front-mounted ordinance he pleases. Disengaging the claw is a firing action.

The claw does not interfere with normal weapons fire or damage calculations, but it is always the first object to take damage from ramming actions. The claw may be linked to a bumper trigger for an instant grapple response, or smart-linked to various front-mount weapons to fire on any trapped vehicles.

Option: Retractible

For an extra $ 500.00 and three spaces, the claw may be made retractible, folding away into the front end of the vehicle so that it does not suffer from ramming damage when not in use. No ramplate may be mounted. Extending or retracting the claw is a firing action.

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