Booby-Trapped Armored Beer Fridge

PRICE: $ 1000.00 (unloaded) $1050.00 (loaded) $100 (clip)
WEIGHT: 350 pounds
DAMAGE: 1d (pedestrians) 0 (vehicular components)
CLIP: 3 loads

Are your friends and relatives a little too free with your beer? Coming home to the car after a hot day at work to find that the neighbourhood kids have left you high and dry? Well, no more! This little baby is electronically locked and has a special timer (which is set for one to five seconds) which guarantees that potential beer thieves won't be lifting your brew a second time!

Once the special keycode is entered on the patented Pik-Proof(tm) keypad, the door will unlock. This high-tech electronic lock will stop all but the most determined thieves- but that's not all! A special switch inside the fridge itself regulates how much time you must wait after the door unlocks before it becomes safe to open the door. If the door is opened before then... look out! A burst of hardened gelatin flechettes comes from the inside of the fridge and shreds the hapless fool who thought he'd steal your only reason for living. These dissolve quickly in blood, leaving a virtually untraceable mess (once you dispose of the body). Makes a perfect gift!

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