Adamantium-laced Windows

PRICE: $ 10000.00 (windshield)
$ 5000.00 (any other window)
WEIGHT: 50 pounds (windshield)
10 pounds (any other window)
DAMAGE POINTS: 15 (windshield)
10 (any other window)

Adamantium is the strongest alloy known to man. With the proper force behind it, an adamantium knife will cut through titanium steel like butter. Unfortunately, some of the ores required to make it are exceedingly rare; thus, the price. An adamantium-laced window will not break or melt, even under concentrated bullet fire or high-temperature flamethrowers. (No damage taken or transmitted) Against rockets and other burst-effect weapons, every '6' will inflict one point of damage against the window. Even if the burst tallied 30 points of damage, no harm will come to the interior of the vehicle (at least, not through the window) until the window's last damage point is gone.

Adamantium is a closely-guarded secret and restricted to the possession of a few government-sponsored military groups. Civilian possession of adamantium is a capital offense.

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