Gentle reader, an improvement in health and fortunes allows the return of the Poet's home page in 2007. It will be much reduced in size. Apologies to those who lament the loss of such features as the J&J House of Cigars and the Weirdo Guild.

The new page will feature a small collection of fan fiction, fan art, and roleplaying material. It will also feature a number of links related to my other interests.

As per the name: I have no pretensions to poetic ability. The nickname is more than fifteen years old and it's convenient to keep using it as an internet identity. It was a forum name in the early nineties.

Personal News and Notes
Updated: 2008/Apr 22

For those few who might be interested in what's been going on with my family, home, and career. I can assure you that it's eminently missable.

Fan Fiction Page
Updated: 2007/Jan 01

This area is concerned chiefly with comic book stories. Most of them are mine, but some belong to other authors. You may also find some fan art posted here; none of that is mine.

Final Fantasy: Tactics
Updated: 2011/Jan 17

This brilliant game for the playstation has enduring appeal. My page does not offer a definitive guide, but will put you well on your way.

Roleplaying Stuff
Updated: 2010/Jun 18

This represents the return of the World of Darkness: Mutant RPG mod to my webspace. It also contains some outdated World of Darkness, Car Wars, and Rolemaster items. Enjoy.

Favourite Links
Updated: 2007/Feb 01

Fan fiction, web comics, games companies, and more can be found by following the links herein. They're all good places to visit, and deserve your special attention.

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