Walter J. Phillips, c. 1910

Table of Contents
Walter J. Phillips Website

The objective of this site is to provide a very comprehensive overview of the life and work of Walter J. Phillips. Not only was he an accomplished watercolour artist and printmaker, but he also wrote a great deal. The site is intended to operate on many levels, with many layers of information.

The proposed contents of the site at this time is as follows, links are provided to completed sections:

  1. Introduction
  2. Watercolours
    • Early Work (England, South Africa, Winnipeg to 1925
    • Middle Work (Winnipeg 1926 - 1941)
    • Later Work (Calgary and Banff, 1941-1960)
  3. Complete Graphic Work
  4. Lake of the Woods and Muskoka
  5. British Connections
  6. Walter J. Phillips in British Columbia
  7. Manitoba Landscape
  8. The Canadian Rockies
  9. Walter J. Phillips, the writer
  10. Chronology
  11. Bibliography
  12. Where to see works by Walter J. Phillips...
  13. About the author