Walter J. Phillips (1884-1963)
Mount Cathedral from Lake O'Hara, British Columbia, 1927
woodcut on Goyu paper (edition: 250)
19.2 x 17 cm

This is the first print in the portfolio Ten Canadian Colour Woodcuts which Phillips issued in 1927.

In the text he wrote accompanying the portfolio, Phillips described the experience at the origin of this print, and a 1926 watercolour.

Visual thrills are dependent on one's own receptivity as well as on their rarity or sheer beauty, and the sketcher often finds himself at a loss on a colourless day, and paints subjects to which his reaction is more academic than emotional. A good subject often as not finds him unprepared. I saw the towering blue mass of Cathedral Mountain against a citrine sky through which the sun had lately passed, from the stoop of the C.P.R. chalet at dinner-time. My paints were a mile away. The effect was momentary. The colour quickly lost its purity. It was the most memorable event during a three week's stay in the vicinity. I had to paint it afterwards, and now I have made a print of it.