Prints from 1926

85Summer Idyll, 1926, colour woodcut, 55.4 x 30.8 cm, edition: 100This print was completed in July of 1926. It is a virtuoso piece and demonstrates Phillips consumate technique. It required the cutting of over a dozen different blocks. Phillips actually printed this work twice, scrapping the first run in total since he was not satisfied with the registration.
86The Angler, 1926, colour woodcut, 11.4 x 7.5 cm, edition: unknownThis is the print that Phillips used to demonstrate his method in The Technique of the Color Woodcut, (New York: Brown-Robertson Co. Inc.), 1926. The colour print is reproduced as a frontispiece while the progressive proofs and photographs of the corresponding blocks are featured in a separate section.
87Mary at Muskoka, 1926, colour woodcut, 12.7 x 11.9 cm, edition: 100
88A Gloucester Village, 1926, colour woodcut, 21.6 x 24.9 cm, edition: 100
89 Mountain Torrent, 1926, colour woodcut, 22 x 30.4 cm, edition: 100
90Mountain Larch, 1926, colour woodcut, 18.4 x 23 cm, edition: 30
91Alpine Meadow, 1926, colour woodcut, edition: unknownThe print was produced for the Christmas greeting of 1926 and later re-issued as the third print in the Winter Woodcuts portfolio of 1936, edition: 100.
92Little Log House, 1926, colour woodcut, 8.6 x 9 cm, edition: unknown Also produced as a Christmas greeting for 1926 and re-issued as the first print in the Winter Woodcuts portfolio of 1936, edition: 100.
93Winter Woods, 1926, colour woodcut, 8.1 x 9.2 cm, edition: unknownThe print was re-issued as the fourth print in the Winter Woodcuts portfolio of 1936, edition: 100.
94Winter Evening, 1926, colour woodcut, 7.6 x 7.8 cm, edition: unknown
95Moonlight, Strawberry Island, 1926, colour woodcut, edition: 1Produced for Phillips' friend and pupil, Trevor Robinson, probably as a demonstration piece.
96The Beach, 1926, colour woodcut, 16.5 x 23.6 cm, edition: 100

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