Walter J. Phillips (1884-1963)
Wild Cherry, 1927
woodcut on Goyu paper (edition: 250)
14 x 22.4 cm

This is the tenth print in the portfolio Ten Canadian Colour Woodcuts which Phillips issued in 1927. Phillips also described the visual experience that inspired this print:

Wild Cherry recalls another exalted moment at Lake Muskoka. After the eternal green of a long summer the varied colour of autumn is a welcome contrast, and provides many thrills. Smoke-haze and still air on this occasion lent more interest to the golden tree. Not colour alone, but beautiful arrangements of lines, pleasing shapes, or combinations of shapes, have power to charm, and though a picture must have all these, and other things, they rarely occur together in a chance rectangular section of landscape. Good arrangement is often achieved in a sketch but it can be improved always. To make the best possible arrangement of the subject is the first step in print-making.