5.3 Worksheet Entry

Select Worksheet Entry from the Process menu or type in the keboard command equivalent, <cmd-M>, to call up the Worksheet Entry dialog window.

(Worksheet Entry Dialog Image)
Figure -- Worksheet Entry Dialog

5.3.1 Purpose

The purpose of the Worksheet Entry dialog is to allow data entry for transactions related to employees.

5.3.2 Filling out the Worksheet

Fill out the Worksheet Entry dialog as follows:

a) Date- the day on which the transaction took place.

b) PC- the relevant paycode.

c) Desc- the name of the paycode should appear in this field.

d) Emp- click on this field to select the name of the employee.

e) Name- the name of the employee should appear in this field.

f) CC- the cost centre that the transaction is associated with.

g) Rate- the rate of pay for the transaction.

h) Qty- the number of hours or items.

i) Amt- the total amount, calculated from the values entered in the Rate and Qty fields, should appear here.

(Completed Worksheet Entry Dialog)
Figure -- Completed Worksheet Entry Dialog

When the worksheet is filled out to your satisfaction, click on the 'OK' button to move the information to the lower deck of the Worksheet Entry dialog.

5.3.3 Posting the Worksheet

To post the information on the worksheet, be sure that it has been saved to the lower deck of the Worksheet Entry dialog by clicking on the 'OK' button. Then, click on the button marked 'Post' to clear the worksheet and post the transactions.

5.3.4 Erasing the Worksheet

In order to erase the worksheet, the Erase Worksheet menu item must be selected. See section 8.4 Erase Worksheet for more information.

To exit the Worksheet Entry dialog, select Close from the File menu, or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-W>. Alternately, click in the small box in the upper left corner of the window.