6.15 T4 Slips

Select T4 Slips from the Report menu to call up the T4 Slip Parameters dialog. The purpose of this function is to print out T4 slips.

(T4 Slip Parameters Dialog Image)
Figure -- T4 Slip Parameters Dialog

Fill out the dialog as follows:

a) Pension Plan No.- fill in the registration number of the company pension plan.

b) T4 No.- the issue number on the slips.

c) Copy- select either one or multiple copies.

d) Footnote- write footnote text in the field if desired.

e) Cost Centre- select either one cost centre by number or all cost centres.

f) Employees- either print for all employees, one paycode, or one employee selected by number.

Once the dialog is filled out to your satisfaction, click 'OK' to print the slips, or 'Cancel' to abort the operation.