4.2 Cheque Setup

Select Cheque Setup under the Payroll menu to call up the Cheque Format Parameters dialog window. The purpose of this function is to configure the information that will appear on the company cheques.

(Cheque Parameters Dialog Image)
Figure 4.2.1 -- Cheque Parameters Dialog

Either <Tab> to or click on each field to enter the pertinent information, as follows:

a) Use Short Format

Toggle on to use the shorter cheque format.

b) Note if Reprinted

Toggle on to keep track of cheques printed.

c) Company Name

Type in the name of the company that is to appear on the cheques.

d) Address Lines

Enter the address that is to appear on the cheques.

e) Bank Name

Enter the name of the bank that issues the cheques.

f) Bank Address

The address of the same.

g) MICR Text

Enter the data for the MICR text.

h) Realignment

Adjust the relative positions of the company info, bank info, and MICR info on the cheque by entering the new positions of each information item relative to the top left corner of the cheque form.

When the cheque parameters have been defined satisfactorally, click on the button marked 'OK'. To cancel the operation, click 'Cancel'.