5.2 Salary Hours

Select Salary Hours Entry from the Process menu to call up the EI Insurable Hours Entry dialog window.

(EI Insurable Hours Dialog)
Figure 5.2.1 -- EI Insurable Hours Dialog

Fill out the dialog as follows:

a) EM No- Click on this field and select the name of the employee that you wish to define insurable hours for.

b) Ins Hours- Type in the number of insurable hours that the employee has logged since the last pay period.

c) Name- the name of the employee should appear in this field.

Click 'OK' when each of the fields has been properly defined to credit the employee with insurable hours. The fields should clear, and the EI information for the next employee can be filled out. Click on 'Cancel' to abort the operation at any time, or when the last employee's information has been entered.