8.8 Record of Employment Slip

For the Employee menu to be visible, the Edit Employee dialog or the New Employee dialog must be open. Select Employee from the Payroll menu to call up the Employee window. Select New from the File menu or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-N>, to call up the New Employee dialog. Alternately, double-click on an employee information line in the Employee window to call up the Edit Employee dialog.

Select ROE Slip from the Employee menu to call up the Record of Employment Parameters Dialog.

(ROE Parameters Dialog Image)
Figure 8.8.1 -- Record of Employment Parameters Dialog

Fill out the dialog as follows:

a) ROE No.- type in the employment record number

b) Amends ROE No.- type in the last employment record number that applies to this employee

c) Date In- the day that the employee joined the company

d) Date Out- the day that the employee left the company

e) Occupation- the position that the employee held

f) Remarks- any additional information

g) Issued by- the person filling out the report

h) Phone- the number at which that person can be contacted

i) Term Code- click on the field and select the appropriate code.

(ROE Term Code Image)
Figure 8.8.2 -- ROE Term Code Selection

Once these parameters are filled out to your satisfaction, click 'OK' to build the record of employment sheet or 'Cancel' to abort the operation. Once the sheet is called up, you can print the ROE by selecting Print from the File menu, or by typing in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-P>. Click in the small box in the upper left corner of the window to close it, or select Close from the File menu. You will be prompted to confirm that you want to append the ROE to the employee record. Click 'OK' to do so, or 'Cancel' to quit.

(ROE Slip)
Figure 8.8.3 -- Record of Employment Slip