VI. Report Menu

The Report menu is used to access several dialogs and functions, including the dialogs for each of the Notes, Employee Register, Paycode Register, Payment Register, Payroll Register, Payment Precis, Payroll Summary, General Ledger Postings, CPP Exceptions, EI Exceptions, Excess Earnings, Unpaid Earnings, Payment Exceptions, Transaction List, and T4 Slips functions. These dialog windows are accessed either by using your mouse or by using the keyboard shortcuts as shown below. For example, to access the Payroll Register dialog window you would use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-R>.

Report Menu
Figure 6.0.1 -- Report Menu Selection

For more information on one of the functions available in the Report menu, click on the appropriate selection in the menu diagram. For example, if you want to know more about the GL Postings selection, click on it in the menu above.