8.5 Pay Advance

For the Employee menu to be visible, the Edit Employee dialog or the New Employee dialog must be open. Select Employee from the Payroll menu to call up the Employee window. Select New from the File menu or type in the keyboad command equivalent, <cmd-N>, to call up the New Employee dialog. Alternately, double-click on an employee information line in the Employee window to call up the Edit Employee dialog.

Select Pay Advance from the Employee menu to call up the Advance Cheque Confirmation Dialog.

(Cheque Confirm Dialog Image)
Figure 8.5.1 -- Advance Cheque Confirmation Dialog

Fill out the dialog as follows:

a) Chq. No: Type in the number of the cheque

b) Date: the date that the cheque was issued

c) Amount: the dollar value of the payment

Once the dialog is filled out to your satisfaction, click 'OK' to complete the operation, or 'Cancel' to abort it.