8.6 Pay Employee

For the Employee menu to be visible, the Edit Employee dialog or the New Employee dialog must be open. Select Employee from the Payroll menu to call up the Employee window. Select New from the File menu or type in the keyboad command equivalent, <cmd-N>, to call up the New Employee dialog. Alternately, double-click on an employee information line in the Employee window to call up the Edit Employee dialog.

Select Pay from the Employee menu to call up the Payment Parameters dialog.

(Payment Parameters Dialog Image)
Figure 8.6.1 -- Payment Parameters Dialog

Depending on the information recorded in the Edit Employee dialog, one of either the radio button marked 'Cheque' or the radio button marked 'Bank Transfer' will be selected. If the arrangement is not correct, click on the other selection.

If there are any paycodes to be omitted from this payment, or if only one to four codes will be included in the payment, then fill in the appropriate information in the fields marked 'Omit Paycodes' and 'Pay Only Paycodes'. This is optional.

Once the parameters have been set to your satisfaction, click on the button marked 'OK' or hit the <Return> key to continue. Click 'Cancel' to abort the payment.

You will be prompted to confirm the parameters for the cheque or EFT payment, including the number and date of issue. Click 'OK' when the fields are defined to your satisfaction, or 'Cancel' to quit.

(EFT Parameters Dialog Image)

(Cheque Parameters Dialog Image)

Figure 8.6.2 -- EFT/Cheque Payment Parameters Dialogs

The transactions will be recorded in the History lower deck of the Edit Employee dialog.