I. Introduction

PRCap is a full-featured stand-alone Canadian payroll client accounting program. To use PRCap on your Macintosh®, be sure that the computer is equipped with Version 7.0 or later of the Macintosh® operating system. The program requires a minimum of 5 Mb of free memory, but 8 Mb is recommended.

1.1 Features

  • A user-defined automatic Paycode table which allows customization of earnings and deduction items.
  • The ability to associate individual employees with specific earnings and deduction items for which they are eligible.
  • Instant on-line inquiry ability into the detail of any employee record.
  • Automated paycheque printing - the Sharecom paycheque is now Moore Business Forms standard product.
  • A Payroll Register report which details all earnings and deductions for each employee.
  • A Deduction Register which details employee's and employer's contribution amounts for any deduction item.
  • Facility to print a T-4 for each employee and a T-4 trial balance report.
  • Facility to pay out accrued Holiday pay for a specific employee upon request.
  • Provision for multi-provincial payrolls through the incorporation of all provincial tax tables.
  • Screen prompts which simplify entry of timesheet information.
  • Facility to print employee master file information on a 3 x 5 card for rotary file systems.

1.2 Flexibility

  • Incorporates a user-defined Paycode Table which provides for definition of up to 63 different earnings and deduction items.
  • Based upon a subsystem structure which accomodates miltiple cost centres.
  • Includes the facility to enter opening balances for conversion to this system partway through the payroll year.
  • Facility to enter miscellaneous transactions, adjustments, and retro-pay is provided.
  • Full transaction editing capability provided.
  • Easy maintenance of employee master file information and paycode table information.
  • Facility for termination/reinstatement of empoyees is provided.

1.3 Accounting Controls: Management and Audit Trails

  • T-4 trial balance report is available upon request.
  • A hardcopy proof list of all transactions can be listed for detailed verification.
  • Any transaction which, after entry, has subsequently been edited is flagged on the transaction prooflist as having been changed thus providing an effective control over changes to earnings and deduction amounts.
  • Each paycheque includes a complete itemization of all earnings and deductions.
  • The payroll register details all earnings and deductions by employee and can be printed before the paycheques for detailed verification.
  • Control totals for hours and miscellaneous transactions entered are displayed upon exiting posting routines.

1.4 Installation

PRCap is supplied on a diskette. To install it on your hard drive, insert the diskette in your Macintosh®, open it by double-clicking on its icon, and drap the PRCap icon to any folder on your hard drive.

1.5 Starting PRCap

PRCap is started by double-clicking on the PRCap icon on the Finder screen. When the program is running, the menu bar at the top of the screen will contain two menu names, File and Edit. If a company file exists, open the file by choosing Open under the File menu. If a company file is open, PRCap displays an orange highlighted banner window immediately below the menu bar. The banner window includes the name of the company, the current period number, and the period end date. When PRCap is first started, a new company file must be defined.

PRCap can also be started by double-clicking on a specific company file. A company file can be opened only when no other company file is open. If a company is open, its banner window will be displayed below the menu bar at the top of the screen. Close the company file if necessary, by repeatedly selecting Close from the File menu or by typing the keyboard shortcut <cmd-W>, until its banner window is no longer displayed. If this method is chosen the program will display a splash screen for several seconds, and proceed to open the company file.