How To Use This Manual

This is an online manual for use with the Canadian Payroll Client Accounting Program (PRCap). It has been laid out in manual format, with a Table of Contents and sections describing the various functions and features that PRCap offers. There are several features of this manual that the reader should be aware of if it is to be an effective reference tool.


There are many links throughout this manual, each of which will take you to a new topic that is related to the content of the pages that you find these links in. These links appear as underlined text. Click on this text to go to the new topic. If you have printed off a hard copy of this manual, the section number of the new topic has been provided (where applicable) with each link for easy reference.

If you are finished with this "How To" section, you may wish to see the Table of Contents.

A good place to start with this manual is the Introduction.

If you want to get started with PRCap right now, then the section
entitled "Getting Started" is where you want to go next.

Trailer Bar

The Trailer Bar appears on the bottom of every page of this manual. It features four buttons which allow you to move quickly to other topics.

The single left arrow will take you back to a more general area- for instance, if you were reading about Paycodes in section 4.4, then clicking on the left arrow would take you to the beginning of chapter IV: Payroll Menu. From there you could select another topic in chapter IV, such as the section "4.3 Cost Centres".

The double left arrow will always take you back to the Table of Contents.

The single right arrow will take you to the next section in a chapter, if there is one. For instance, if you were reading from the section "4.3 Cost Centres", then clicking on the right arrow would take you to section "4.4 Paycodes".

The double right arrow will take you to the next chapter, if there is one. If you were reading from section "4.4 Paycodes", then clicking on the double right arrow would take you to the first page of chapter V: Process Menu.


There are several menu images which represent the menus in PRCap. Some of these menus are topical "image maps" which allow you to access the specific information topic that you need. Click with your mouse on the topic that you want more information on. Here is a sample "image map" menu.

(Menu Bar Image Map)
Figure H1 -- Menu Map Selection

If you want to test this menu bar, click on one of the menu titles, such as File. This will take you to a section that describes the File menu as it appears in PRCap. You can return here using the Trailer Bar and the Table of Contents.

Menus often appear in a "pulled-down" format, as well. Topics can be selected from the pulled-down portion of the menu in much the same way as they are selected from the "menu bar"-style image above. Not all of the menus that appear in this manual are image maps. The menus that do function in this capacity are clearly marked.