6.11 Excess Earnings

Select Excess Earnings from the Report menu to call up the Excess Earnings Parameters dialog. The purpose of this function is to call up a window displaying the employees that earn more money than a given amount, and by what margin they exceed that definition.

(Excess Earnings Parameters Dialog Image)
Figure -- Excess Earnings Parameters Dialog

Fill out the dialog as follows:

a) For province code- click anywhere on the field and select the appropriate province.

b) From date/To Date- fill in these fields with the date range to be reviewed.

c) Cutoff- the dollar amount above which any earnings are defined as excess.

d) By Cost Centre- to see the data organized according to cost centre, toggle this option on.

e) All CCs/Only CC- select the appropriate option and fill in the cost centre number if necessary.

Once the dialog has been filled out to your satisfaction, click 'OK' to call up the Excess Earnings Register, or 'Cancel' to quit.

(Excess Earnings Register Image)
Figure -- Excess Earnings Register

To exit from the Excess Earnings Register window, select Close from the File menu or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-W>. Alternately, click on the small box in the upper left corner of the window.