8.2 Assign Paycode

For the Employee menu to be visible, the Edit Employee dialog or the New Employee dialog must be open. Select Employee from the Payroll menu to call up the Employee window. Select New from the File menu or type in the keyboad command equivalent, <cmd-N>, to call up the New Employee dialog. Alternately, double-click on an employee information line in the Employee window to call up the Edit Employee dialog.

The function of the Assign Paycode command is to attach a paycode to a particular employee record. Some paycodes are automatically assigned to employees because of the particular cost centre that they are associated with (see section 4.3 Cost Centres but the remainder must be attached manually via this command.

To use the Assign Paycode command, select Assign Paycode from the Employee menu, or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-A>, when the Employee menu is visible. This will call up the Assign Paycode dialog.

(Assign Paycode Dialog Image)
Figure 8.2.1 -- Assign Paycode Dialog

To assign a paycode, type in a valid paycode number and the rate associated with that paycode in the appropriate blanks- if the paycode represents the employee's wage, then type in the amount that he or she earns per hour. Press 'OK' to confirm, or 'Cancel' to abort the operation. Click 'Delete' to delete the paycode. The paycode must be valid- that is, it must already have been defined via the Paycodes function, found in the Payroll menu. For more information on that function see section 4.4 Paycodes.

Once you are finished entering paycodes, click on the 'Cancel' button to exit the Assign Paycode dialog.