4.5 Journal Voucher

To fill out a new journal voucher, select Journal Voucher from the Ledger menu or type in the keyboard equivalent, <cmd-E>.

4.5.1 Purpose

The purpose of the Journal Voucher function is to record a new transaction on the general ledger.

4.5.2 Recording a New Transaction

First, call up the Journal Voucher dialog, either from the Ledger menu or by using the keyboard. Fill it out as detailed below.

(New Journal Voucher Dialog Image)
Figure -- New Journal Voucher

a) Date- the date of the transaction. The date must be within
the current period.

b) SC- Source Code. A two-character identifier that notes the
type of transaction; for instance, 'CQ' for cheque.

c) Ref- if the transaction is associated with a reference number,
such as a cheque number, type it in here.

d) Desc- describe the transaction.

e) Acct- the AC (account) number associated with the transaction.
The name of the account should appear below once you have left the

f) Amt- the amount of the transaction.

Once you have typed in the information for the first account associated with the transaction, click on the 'OK' button. The amount will reverse itself in value and the Acct field will go blank. Fill in the appropriate information and click on the 'OK' button again.

(Completed Journal Voucher Image)
Figure -- Completed Journal Voucher

Once you are satisfied that the transaction has been properly recorded and balanced, click on the 'Post' button to send it to the Ledger. If you are dissatisfied with the record, double-click on the offending line in the lower half of the window instead and make the necessary changes. If you want to discard the transaction at any time before it is posted, click on the 'Clear List' button and then close the window.