4.6 Synoptic Journal

To call up the Synoptic Journal, use your mouse to select the item of the same name from the Ledger menu, or type in the keyboard equivalent <cmd-J>.

4.6.1 Purpose

The purpose of the Synoptic Journal function is to call up a record of all transactions that have occured within a specific time frame.

4.6.2 Reviewing the Journal

First, call up the Synoptic Journal Parameters dialog as per the instructions above. By default, the journal will display the transactions for all source codes and the current period. If this does not meet your needs, make the necessary changes before clicking on the 'OK' button. To cancel, select 'Cancel'.

(Synoptic Journal Parameters Dialog)
Figure -- Synoptic Journal Parameters

Once this is done, the journal will appear, with columns identifying the transactions by date, source code, reference number, description, account number, and amount. To edit any of these transactions, double- click on the appropriate line.

(Synoptic Journal Window)
Figure -- Synoptic Journal Window

To exit from the Synoptic Journal, select Close from the Edit menu, or type in the keyboard equivalent <cmd-W> or click in the small box in the upper left corner of the window.