4.11 Resource Report

Choose the Resource Report command by selecting the item of the same name from the Ledger Menu, or by typing in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-R>. This function will call up a special report that reads the information in the company file and presents it in a prepared format.

(Report Parameters Dialog Image)

Figure 4.11.1 -- Report Parameters Dialog

By default, all cost centres are selected. To exclude one particular cost centre, click on the check mark that appears on the leftmost part of its information line. The check mark will disappear. By the same token, to include a cost centre, click in the space where its check mark should appear.

Once that operation is completed, an Open File dialog will appear and you will be asked to locate the resource report. These reports are initially laid out by GLCap's sister program, RGCap, and may include budgets, budget variance, last year activity and balance totals, percentages, and custom calculations based on these values.

This report can be printed from GLCap by selecting Print from the File menu, or by typing in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-P>. Configure the print dialog information to your satisfaction and click on the 'Print' button. To cancel the operation, click 'Cancel'.

To exit from the Report display, select Close from the File menu, or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-W>. Alternately, click on the small box in the upper left corner of the window.