2.1 Journals

There are two commands in the File menu which relate to journals- the Open Journal command and the New Journal command. The journals created and manipulated by these commands contain transaction records that can be saved and transferred between company files or applications, and posted to the general ledger.

2.1.1 Creating A New Journal

To create a new journal, select New Journal from the File menu. This will call up an empty journal window. A new transaction can be entered by selecting New Ledger from the File menu, or by typing in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-N>.

(New Journal Window Image)
Figure -- New Journal Window

This will call up a new Journal Entry dialog. Enter the pertinent information as follows:

a) Acct- enter the number of the account

b) Amt- enter the amount of money

c) Date- if the default date is not correct, enter
the correct date.

d) SC- enter the source code for the transaction-
for instance, CQ for a cheque.

e) Ref- the reference number for the transaction,
if any.

f) Desc- a brief description.

(Completed Journal Entry Dialog)
Figure -- Completed Journal Entry

Click 'OK' when you are finished entering the information, and GLCap will empty the 'Acct' field and reverse the value of the 'Amt' field to make it quick and efficient to balance the entry. Click 'OK' several times when you are finished to complete the process- the Journal Entry window will disappear and a summary of your entries will appear in the Journal window.

(Journal Window Image)
Figure -- Journal Window

To post the journal entries to the general ledger, click on the 'Post' button. To change the dates recorded for the transactions, click on the 'Date' button.

To save the Journal, either select Save from the File menu, or type in the keyboard equivalent <cmd-S>. Alternately, closing the Journal will call up a dialog asking if you want to save it.

2.1.2 Opening a Saved Journal

To open a saved journal, you must already have a company file open. When this is done, select Open Journal from the File menu. A dialog will appear that will ask you to locate the journal that you wish to open. Select it and click 'Open', or 'Cancel' to abort the operation.

(Open Journal Selection Dialog)
Figure -- Open Journal dialog