6.1 Import

The Import command is used to import GL Accounts from one company file to another. It is used in conjunction with the Export Report command, also found in the Utility menu.

First, open the company file that you want to copy the GL Accounts from. Make sure that no company files are open and select Open Ledger from the file menu. Select the proper file and click 'OK'.

Next, select GL Accounts from the Ledger menu.

When the window is open, select Export Report from the Utility menu. Type in the name of your report and click 'OK'

Select Close from the File Menu, or use the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-W>, until the company file is closed.

Open the company file that you want to import the accounts to, following the steps above.

Select GL Accounts from the Ledger menu.

Select Import from the Utility menu. Choose the report that you exported from the other company file, and click 'OK'. To cancel the transfer, select 'Cancel'.

(Import GL Accounts Dialog)
Figure 6.1.1 -- Import GL Accounts Dialog

To close the GL Accounts window, select Close from the File menu, or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-w> or click on the small box in the upper-left corner of the window.