5.7 General Ledger Posting

To call up the Asset Postings dialog, select "G/L Postings" from the Assets menu with your mouse. A message will be displayed that warns to make sure of the integrity of your data by making backups and saving files.

5.7.1 Purpose

The purpose of this function is to create a new journal containing current asset postings. It will mark all asset transactions as posted. This journal will be saved as a separate file and can be reviewed using the File menu selection, Open Journal.

5.7.2 New Ledger Entry

To type in a new ledger entry, select New Ledger from the File menu, or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-N>. This will call up the New Entry dialog.

(New Entry Dialog Image)
Figure -- New Entry Dialog

Enter the information into the Entry field as follows:

a) Date- enter the transaction date.

b) SC- enter the source code- for instance, 'AS' for an asset

c) Ref- enter the reference number for the transaction.

d) Desc- a short description.

e) Acct- enter the account number. The name of the account
should appear in the field below.

f) Amt- enter the amount.

(Completed Entry Dialog)
Figure -- Completed Entry

Once you have entered all of this information, press 'OK'. The contents of the amount field will reverse in value, and the Acct field will blank out. Complete the transaction entry and press 'OK' until the New Entry Dialog disappears. You will be returned to the Asset Postings Window.

5.7.3 Posting and Dating the Entries

Once you have entered and reviewed all of the asset transactions for this period, the Asset Postings window will have summary lines for each transaction, and two buttons on the bottom left corner of the window, marked 'Post' and 'Date'.

(Asset Postings Window Image)
Figure -- Asset Postings Window

In order to change the date for an entry, first select the transaction by clicking on it, and then press the 'Date' button in the lower left corner of the window. Select the proper date range and click OK.

In order to post the asset transactions in this window to the General Ledger, click on the Post button.

To leave the Asset Postings window, select Close from the File menu, or type in the keyboard command equivalent, <cmd-W>. Alternately, click on the small box in the upper left corner of the window.