VII. Vendor Menu

The Vendor menu is only accessible from the Edit Vendor window. The Edit Vendor window is accessed by first choosing Vendors under the Payables menu (keyboard shortcut <cmd-H>) and then double-clicking on the Vendor name. Through the Vendor menu you may view current, preset and archived transactions; create, edit and delete preset transactions; create current transactions; pay a vendor and unpay a vendor. These dialog windows are accessed either by selecting the appropriate item from the Vendor menu with your mouse or by using the keyboard shortcuts as shown in Figure 7.0.1 below. For example, to access the New Transaction dialog window you would use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-N>.

(Vendor Menu Image Map)
Figure 7.0.1 -- Vendor Menu Selection

For more information on any of the functions found in the Vendor menu, click on the appropriate selection in the menu image above. For example, to learn more about the Add Preset menu selection, click on Add Preset in the menu image.