Getting Started

APCap is started from the Finder by double-clicking on the AP icon itself or on an APCap document. If you are starting up the program for the first time, you will not have any documents, so double-click on the APCap icon.

A splash screen will briefly be displayed, and then, as it disappears, the menu bar will display six menus, including the familiar Apple, File, and Edit menus. These three menus should be active, and not "grayed-out" like the inactive Payables, Process, and Report menus.

If this is the first time you are using APCap, you will have no AP file. Select New from the File menu. This will call up a dialog in which you must name your new file. Type in a name for this document and click on the 'Save' button or press the 'Return' key. If you do not want to create a new file, click on 'Cancel'.

(New AP File Image)

Once this is done, a dialog appears that prompts you for information on your Company parameters. Fill out the Company parameters as per section "4.1.1 Adding a New Company" in this manual.

Follow the instructions given in section 4.1.1 in order to fill out the company information. You may revise the parameters that you enter now at any time by selecting Company from the Payables menu.

Once the Company parameters have been set up, a green bar appears underneath the menu bar that displays the company name. You must now set up some General Ledger accounts. This function can be found in the Payables menu under the selection GL Accounts. Follow the instructions in section "4.5 General Ledger Accounts" .

Note: The Chart of Accounts may be imported from GLCAP.

After the General Ledger Accounts have been entered, you must configure your Cost Centres. This function may be found in the Payables menu under the selection Cost Centres. To properly configure your cost centres, follow the instructions in the section "4.4 Cost Centres".

The next step is to set up your vendors. This function may be found in the Payables menu under the selection Vendors. For a walkthrough detailing the proper steps in setting up vendors, follow the instructions in the section entitled "4.3 Vendors".

Those are the basic start-up steps. Consult the Table of Contents in order to find more information on individual functions.