VI. Report Menu

The Report menu is used to prepare various reports and listings. These dialog windows are accessed either by selecting an item from the Report menu using your mouse, or by using the keyboard shortcuts as shown in Figure 6.0.1 below. For example, to access the Ledger Detail Parameters dialog window you would use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-L>.

(Report Menu Image Map)
Figure 6.0.1 -- Report Menu Selection

For more information on any of the Report menu selections, simply click on the appropriate selection in the menu image above. For example, to get more information on the Cheque Register function, click on Cheque Register in the menu image.

If you wish to create an ascii file of any of the reports created under the Report menu, choose Export under the Process menu while the report is in the active window.

  See Section 5.5.2 for instructions on Exporting A Report