5.2 Pay Vendors

Choose Pay Vendors under the Process menu.

(Pay Vendors Image)
Figure 5.2.1 -- Pay Vendors Window

By default, vendor invoices for 'All Cost Centres' are included in the cheque prooflist. If vendor invoices for only one cost centre are to be paid, select 'Only CC' and enter the 4 digit alpha-numeric identifier for the cost centre.

Click the 'Pay' button to build a cheque prooflist for vendors that have payments due in the current period.

(Cheque Parameters Image)
Figure 5.2.2 -- Pay Vendors Window - Cheque Parameters

You will be prompted to confirm the parameters for the next cheque. If either the cheque number or cheque date need editing, either <Tab> to or click on the appropriate field and make the necessary changes. Select 'OK' to continue.

(Cheque Detail Image)
Figure 5.2.3 -- Pay Vendors - Cheque Detail

After verifying the cheque amounts, select 'Commit' to create the payment entries.

To exit from the Pay Vendors window, click in the upper left hand corner of the window or use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-W>.