7.4 Pay

Access the Edit Vendor window by first choosing Vendors under the Payables menu (or use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-H>) and then double-clicking on the vendor name. Then to create a cheque paying the vendor, either choose Pay under the Vendor menu or use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-E>.

(Confirm Cheque Parameters Image)
Figure 7.4.1 -- Confirm Cheque Parameters Dialog Window

You will be prompted to confirm the parameters for the next cheque. If either the cheque number or cheque date need editing, either <Tab> to or click on the appropriate field and make the necessary changes. Select 'OK' to create a cheque to pay the vendor.

Note: Only those amounts due in the current pay period will be included in the payment.

(Edit Vendor Image)
Figure 7.4.2 -- Edit Vendor Window

Cheques may also be printed from the Edit Vendor window. To print a cheque, double-click on the cheque transaction in the lower half of the Edit Vendor window.

Once the cheque is the current window use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-P> to print the cheque.