7.3 New Transaction

Access the Edit Vendor window by first choosing Vendors under the Payables menu selection (or use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-H>) and then double-clicking on the vendor name. Then, to access the New Transaction Dialog Window, either choose New Transaction under the Vendor menu or use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-N>.

This function may be used to create journal entries to adjust the payables before the original entries have been posted to the general ledger.

(New Transaction Dialog Image)
Figure 7.3.1 -- New Transaction Dialog Window

Note: The decision as to which fields to complete in the New Transaction dialog window is dependent upon the adjusting entry/new transaction being entered.

Complete the required fields in the New Transaction dialog window as follows:

a) SC

Source Code - Used in GL to determine source of entry.

b) Due Period

Period number in which transaction is to recorded.

c) Vendor

Default 6 digit alpha-numeric vendor number.

d) Desc

Enter transaction description or use the default description if applicable.

e) Ref No.

Enter the vendor invoice number or other invoice-specific information if desired.

f) Date

Enter invoice date/adjusting entry date in the format YY/MM/DD. The date may also be entered in the format YY.MM.DD.

g) Amount

Enter transaction amount. If the amount is an even dollar value, it is not necessary to enter the decimal and trailing zeros. If the amount is a credit, enter a hyphen immediately before the invoice dollar amount.

h) GL Post - Dr Ac

Enter GL account number of the account to be debited.

i) GL Post - Cr Ac

Enter GL account number of account to be credited. The default GL account number is based upon the Payables GL account number entered in the Company Parameters dialog window. This account number is used in posting from the payables to the General Ledger.

j) Paid

Cheque specific information - May need to be entered if adjusting entry being made and invoice has already been paid, but has not been posted to GL.

Cq No. - Cheque number invoice was paid on.

Date - Cheque payment date in the format YY/MM/DD. The date may
also be entered in the format YY.MM.DD.

(Completed Transaction Dialog Image)
Figure 7.3.2 -- Completed Transaction Dialog Window

In order to edit a value in any field of the New Transaction dialog window, either <Tab> to or click on the field and make the desired changes. Select 'OK' to save the new transaction.

To add additional new transactions, repeat the above steps. Once all new transactions have been added, select 'Cancel' to return to the Edit Vendor window.