5.4 Import

Choose Import under the Process menu. The purpose of this function is to import various data files into APCap. For example, use this function to import GL Account names and numbers from a file created by the 'Export' function of GLCap.

(Import File Selection Image)
Figure 5.4.1 -- Import/Export File Selection Import Window

Select the type of data which is being imported. Only one type of data may be imported at one time. If both 'Vendor' data and 'GL Account' data need to imported, choose the 'Import' function twice.

If an existing data file is to be overwritten, toggle on 'Erase File First'.

Select 'Import' to continue.

(Import File Dialog Image)
Figure 5.4.2 -- Import File Dialog

Select the name of the data file being imported and click the 'Open' button or press the 'Return' key. The data is then imported into the company database. Select 'OK' to acknowledge that the required data was imported successfully. You will now be returned to the APCap menu bar.