6.8 Cash Requirements

Choose Cash Requirements under the Report menu to access the Cash Requirements Parameters dialog window.

(Cash Requirements Parameters Image)
Figure 6.8.1 -- Cash Requirements Parameters Dialog Window

Enter 'due dates' for each of the three report columns in the format YY/MM/DD. The dates may also be entered as YY.MM.DD. By default, the Cash Requirements Report includes entries for all cost centres. Enter the appropriate reporting parameters and select 'OK' to generate the report.

Note: If period end dates have not been defined under Period Definitions, the Cash Requirements Report cannot be used.

 See Section 4.2 for instructions on Defining Period End Dates.

(Cash Requirements Report Image
Figure 6.8.2 -- Cash Requirements Report

To exit from the Cash Requirements window, click in the upper left hand corner of the window or use the keyboard shortcut <cmd-W>.