Some works by A.C. Leighton:

Works of the Rocky Mountains

Cathedral Peak, 1927
Moraine Lake, 1927
Bow Lake, 1930
Floe Lake, Marble Canyon, 1930
Moraine Lake, 1931
[Untitled, Mountain View], 1934
Twin Lakes, c. 1934
Boulder Pass, Skoki, 1935
Mount Skoki, 1935
Mount Assiniboine, c. 1947
The Lake, Molar Mountain, c. 1948
Evening, Pipestone Pass, 1949
Molar Pass, c. 1950
Bow Pass, Early Morning, c. 1950
Valley of the Giants, Banff, c. 1950
Sawback Range, 1953
Mountain Peak, c. 1960

Works of British Subject Matter

Black Boys Mill, Sussex, 1926
Market Street, Exeter, 1935

Other Subjects: British Columbia and the Prairies

East End of Edmonton, 1931
View of Edmonton from the North Saskatchewan River, 1930
Threshing in Alberta, 1930
Main Street, City Unknown, 1933
Snow, Pembroke Street, Victoria, c. 1945