An exhibition organized by the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and sponsored by the Contemporary Art Council



Los Angeles County Museum of Art: April 23-June 7, 1964

Walker Art Center, Minneapolis: July 13-August 16, 1964

The Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto: November 20-December 20, 1964



Post Painterly Abstraction is the seventh exhibition sponsored by the Contemporary Art Council, and it was organized with the Council's support. The two preceding exhibitions, Six Painters and the Object and Six More, were jointly presented surveys of Pop painting on the East and West Coasts. They were conceived with the present exhibition to provide a broad view of the two developments in recent American painting which have coalesced into movements. Clement Greenberg was one of the first critics to recognize, support and write about Post Painterly Abstraction, as he has called it here, and he was our choice to select the artists and the works to be included in this exhibition. In his catalog essay which follows, he articulately gives the background for the development of the trend, and outlines the common traits and the variety he finds in it. On behalf of the Council and of the participating museums at which the exhibition will be shown during the coming year, I would like to express deep appreciation to the artists, collectors, museums and galleries who agreed, without exception, to lend works requested for the full length of its tour.

We are also indebted to Fred Martin of the San Francisco Art Association for his help in arranging for Mr. Greenberg to see works of artists in the San Francisco area and to Miss Barbara Cohen who assisted Mr. Greenberg in New York. I would like to add an expression of my personal gratitude to Mrs. Eugenie Klix for the important role she has willingly undertaken in the organization of the exhibition here at the Museum.

James Elliott


The Abrams Family Collection, New York; Walter Darby Bannard, Princeton, New Jersey; Ralph DuCasse, San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. Julian Eisenstein, Washington, D.C.; Mr. and Mrs. Donald Factor, Beverly Hills; Sam Francis, Santa Monica; Frank Hamilton, San Francisco; Mr. and Mrs. Samuel M. Kootz, New York; J. Patrick Lannan, New York; Kenneth C. Lochhead, Regina, Canada; Arthur McKay, Regina, Canada; Vincent Melzac, Washington, D.C.; N. Richard Miller, Philadelphia; Mr. and Mrs. Albert H. Newman, Chicago; Mr. and Mrs. Gifford Phillips, Santa Monica; The Betsy Ross Flag and Banner Co., New York; Mr. and Mrs. Frederick Weisman, Beverly Hills; Mason Wells, San Francisco.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art, Los Angeles, California; Vancouver Art Gallery, Regina, Canada*; Washington Gallery of Modern Art, Washington, D.C.

Leo Castelli Gallery, New York; East Hampton Gallery, New York; Robert Elkon Gallery, New York; Andre Emmerich Gallery, New York; Rose Fried Gallery, New York; Graham Gallery, New York; Martha Jackson Gallery, New York; Samuel M. Kootz Gallery, New York; Gallery Moos, Toronto; Rolf Nelson Gallery, Los Angeles; Betty Parsons Gallery, New York; Poindexter Gallery, New York; Stable Gallery, New York; David Stuart Galleries, Los Angeles.

* This entry is an error: It should read the Vancouver Art Gallery in Vancouver, Canada [TF]