Sharecom Fine Art Index
Major thanks to David Duffin -- that ideal art lover -- at Sharecom for making this site available. Check out his own site for more art.

Piri Halasz: From the Mayor's Doorstep A column of art criticism and comment about the current art scene. Published (barring unforeseen circumstances) on or about January 15, March 1, April 15, June 1, July 15, October 15, and December 1. Sympathetic to abstract art.

newCrit  A journal of plain talk about new art. Includes writing by Darby Bannard and John Link. A rich, well designed site with many links to others. Also, a pointed biography of John Link at "About John Link".

Abstract Art A web site devoted to the work of serious abstract painters, many from New York. Has images and good links. Well organized, highly recommended.

Anthony Caro the great British sculptor

Dan Christensen American abstract painter

Douglas Haynes Abstract painter from Edmonton, Alberta.

Jonathan Forrest Abstract painter from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.

James Walsh New York abstract painter -- Very Original!

Ann Walsh New York painter/sculptor -- Also Very Original!

Sothebys catalogues The best auction house web site, includes some images as well as hammer prices attached to titles instead of just catalogue numbers.

Artcyclopedia The most complete guide to art images on-line that I've found. Highly recommended.

Terry Fenton's Art Dealers

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