Henry Hole (c. 1781-c. 1830)

[The Cockfight under a Rainbow]Henry Hole, [The Cockfight under a Rainbow], c. 1805
wood engraving, 4.6 x 8.3 cm, EAG 90.42.205

Henry Hole was born in about 1781 and was apprenticed to Thomas Bewick from 1795 to 1801. During this time it seems that Bewick had to bail Hole out of jail. He also apparently had an illegitimate child during this time. Upon completion of his apprenticeship, he set up shop in Liverpool where he worked for a number of years. When he inherited a large estate in Devon, he gave up engraving altogether. The date of his death is uncertain.

A number of vignettes are known to be by Hole, or attributed to him:

  1. [An Old Man and a Boy by a Monument],   1800
  2. [A Feather],   1804
  3. [A Reading Shepherd and His Dog],   1804
  4. [A Rock at Sea with Distant Ships],   1804
  5. [A Tinker and His Wife Travelling on a Windy Day],  1804
  6. [A Traveller and His Dog on a Windy Day],   1804
  7. [Boys Climbing for Birds' Eggs],   1804
  8. [Rocks and Coastal Shipping],   1804
  9. [Castle, Rook and Plat],   1805
  10. [The Cockfight under a Rainbow], 1805

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