Vignettes by Luke Clennell

List of Luke Clennell's vignettes or those attributed to him, all of which were first published in the first (1804) or second (1805) editions of the Water Birds.

  1. [A Tired Sportsman and Dog]
  2. [Woodcock Shooting]
  3. [Man with Pipe Observing Geese]
  4. [Geese Going Home]
  5. [An Angler from Behind]
  6. [Man with Floating Boots and an Eel Fork]
  7. [A Wading Angler Playing a Fish]
  8. [Angler Mending his Line]
  9. [Fording the River]
  10. [A Man Crossing a Stream]
  11. [A Man Crossing a Stream]
  12. [A Man Having Fallen In]
  13. [Line Fishing]
  14. [A Suicide and His Dog]
  15. [A Wading Salmon Fisherman with a Leister]
  16. [A Collier Brig Beached at Bill Point]
  17. [Beached Shipping near a Factory]
  18. [Children Playing with a Toy Boat]
  19. [Fish Girls]
  20. [Sunderland Harbour]
  21. [A Device for Birds Nesting]
  22. [A Stormy Sea with a Ship's Rudder Cast Ashore]
  23. [A Man Stranded from a Wreck]
  24. [Rock and Sea with Moon]
  25. [Gulls Swimming on a Rough Sea]
  26. [An Eskimo Canoe]
  27. [The Ovingham Dyers]
  28. [Mutual Assistance - The Blind Man and the Lame]
  29. [An Early Morning Thief Surprised]
  30. [The Overlong Grace Before Meat]
  31. [A Wonderful Fish]
  32. [Geese Being Carried to Market - Christmas Cheer]
  33. [Travellers and Donkey]
  34. [Kindling a Fire]
  35. [A Thief and His Load]
  36. [The Churchyard Cavalry]
  37. [Good Times and Bad Times and All Times Get Over]