1. Vignettes by Thomas Bewick

C.   Vignettes from the Water Birds (1804)

[Two Old Soldiers] 1799
[A Bend in the River] 1804
[An Angler with His 'Set Gads' on the River Bank] 1804
[An Early Morning Thief Surprised] 1804
[An Old Woman Attacked by a Gander] 1804
[Beggars Never Shut the Gate After Them] 1804
[Boy and Nest] 1804
[Boys and Ships] 1804
[Boys Snaring Birds with a Geldard] 1804
[Man Crossing Ice with Branch] 1804
[Skating on a Frozen River] 1804
[Sportsman Approaching a Wood] 1804
[Sportsman, Dog and Magpie] 1804
[The Paper Kite] 1804