1. Vignettes by Thomas Bewick

B.   Vignettes (principally from the Land Birds, 1797-1803)

[A Barn Owl] 1797
[A Cat Crossing a Brook] 1797
[A Countryman Drinking at a Spring] 1797
[A Fox Trap] 1797
[A Hen Protecting Her Chicks] 1797
[A Hung Cat] 1797
[A Nest Disturbed by a Mower] 1797
[A Roadman Breaking Stones] 1797
[A Sportsman Enquiring His Way of a Shepherd] 1797
[An Angler on a River Bank] 1797
[Arms of Newcastle on a Boundary Stone] 1797
[Cherryburn] 1797
[Cows and a Magpie] 1797
[Drunk on the King's Birthday] 1797
[Fetching the Howdie (Midwife)] 1797
[Joe Liddell Tracing a Hare] 1797
[Manure Gathering] 1797
[Old Age and Careless Youth] 1797
[Snared Dog and Magpies] 1797
[Sportsman with Two Dogs (Henry Gibson)] 1797
[The Blind Man and the Boy at a River Crossing] 1797
[The Hen and Duckllings] 1797
[The Pigsty Netty] 1797
[The Proper Use At Last of All Warlike Monuments] 1797
[The Runaway Cart] 1797
[The Snowman at Cherryburn (Esto perpetua)] 1797
[Two Cockerels Sparring] 1797
[Winnowing Corn in a Farmyard] 1797
[A Ruined Church by the Sea] 1798
[An Angler in a River Pool] 1798
[Marsden Rock] 1798
[The Cow's Tail or Saving the Toll] 1798
[An Old Woman Seeing Off Geese] 1799
[Shooter and Wild Duck] 1799
[Two Sportsmen Crossing a River on Stilts] 1799
[An Old Boat and a Ruined Castle] 1800
[Approaching a Village in Winter] 1800
[Monkey and Roast] 1800