[The Churchyard Cavalry]Luke Clennell (apprenticed 1797 to 1804)
[The Churchyard Cavalry]    c. 1801
4.9 x 8.2 cm
EAG 90.42.289

The vignette appears in the first edition (1804) of the Water Birds, p. 304. Iain Bain (Bain I, 170) mentions that one of the registers (Laing Gallery) records a "Church-yard Tail piece" engraved by Clennell during the week ending 27 June 1801, although this entry might also refer to the Good Times & Bad Times & All Times Get Over vignette. Chatto records the pencil and wash drawing at the British Museum to be the work of Robert Johnson. Adds Bain, The hierarchy of army rank is reflected in the dress of the boys: the squire's son and parson's son who lead are well dressed and shod; their poorer companions following behind are barefooted and less smartly clad.