[The Pig-Sty Netty]Thomas Bewick (1753-1828)
[The Pig-Sty Netty],     c. 1797 & 1805
4 x 7.3 cm
EAG 90.42.225

The vignette appears in the first edition (1797) of the Land Birds, p. 285, but in its earlier state. The second state "with boards" appeared in the 1805 edition.

[The Pig-Sty Netty]According to Iain Bain (cf. Bain II, 178-179), the transfer drawing in his collection is by Bewick, while the pencil and watercolour study at the Natural History Society of Northumbria is by Johnson. Chatto states the block was altered by E. Willis in July of 1798 by inserting a peg to hide the man's backside, but Bain (who owns the original block) says that this is in error since the alteration was made by scraping down the block and re-engraving it. The fact that the first state appears at the very end of the 1800 Figures of the Land Birds volume published in 1800 (in the collection of the Edmonton Art Gallery) would seem to bear this out.