History of British Birds

by Thomas Bewick
Vol. I
containing the History and Description of Land Birds
Edition of 1847

Arms of Newcastle

The last edition of the History of British Birds published by Robert Bewick was that of 1847. This edition is often known as the "Hancock Edition" because of the substantial contribution to it made by John Hancock (1808-1890), most notably in the production of a detailed Synopsis. The arrangement and nomenclature were based on the work of Temminck. Hancock, who was familiar with Bewick's publications, and had indeed met Bewick towards the end of the engraver's life in the shop of R.R. Wingate, a taxidermist, stated that the printing of this edition was among the best ever done. This edition also included about 20 additional vignettes, by Bewick, intended for the History of British Fishes which had been commenced but never completed. By clicking on a title in the left frame on this page, you can view the vignette below as well as information related to it.

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