History of British Birds

by Thomas Bewick
Vol. I
containing the History and Description of Land Birds
Edition of 1826

Arms of Newcastle

In 1826, Bewick published substantially revised editions of both the Land Birds and the Water Birds. Apart from many revisions of the introductory and descriptive texts, the figures that been published in the form of Supplements in 1821 were incorporated in the body of the work. This edition included 157 figures of birds and 161 vignettes. There were new figures for the Jer Falcon, the Stone Falcon, the Ash-coloured Falcon, the Black Woodpecker, the Bee-eater, the Parrot Cross-bill, the Chiff Chaff, the first and second figures of the Woodchat, the Anthus Richardi, the Least Willow Wren, the Crow, the Barred Woodpecker, the Pine Grosbeak, the Cirl Bunting, the Snow Bunting and the Yellow Wren. By clicking on a title in the left frame on this page, you can view the vignette below as well as information related to it.

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